A member of Women for Refugee Women models a Courage necklace with Hold Fast anchor from the new Courage Collection designed by Sarah Day for Wear and Resist.

The Courage Collection

I designed the Courage Collection as a testament to the courage shown by those crossing the Channel to find to find safety. 

Some of the members of Women for Refugee Women have modelled the collection. 

£2 goes to Women for Refugee Women.

May I Be Safe bracelets in sea foam and shale colours shown glowing in the dark on a Wear and Resist gift box.

May I be safe bracelet

We all have a basic human right to safety. These bracelets and the pendants are inspired by a Mindfulness befriending meditation.

Women for Refugee Women

Meet Lilah and Carenza. They are the amazing women that help keep everything running at Women for Refugee Women.

If only charities like this didn’t have to exist.
But as Women for Refugee Women have said, ‘The inbuilt inhumanity of the asylum
system means that women seeking safety are disbelieved by default, heartlessly
detained at random and are often left to ‘live’ in atrocious accommodation.’  

Women for Refugee Women empower women,
helping them to find their own voices by offering creative and practical classes,
where they also connect with each other. It’s a true Persisterhood, where friendships
between women offer understanding, recognition and comfort. I’ve been lucky
enough to attend several events with poetry readings and songs. There is no
better way to break down barriers than hearing someone tell their own story.

What they said
What they said
Perfect for those moments when you need to channel a your inner sailorette - or a bit of extra-courage. Chunky necklaces that weighs practically nothing and goes together great with the earrings.
— Cat
What they said
Beautiful anchor earringsI absolutely love my rose gold anchor earrings. I have had lots of compliments wearing them and for statement earrings they are so light weight to wear. They are fabulous 👌
— Jo
What they said
These are super cool and funky. I love the vibrant red colour. They are the perfect size and very comfortable to wear. Really nice to have the options to choose the colours and whether you want gold or silver. Thoroughly recommend.
— Jane
Sarah Day, Founder of Wear and Resist with her daughter and model, Eliza.

About Wear and Resist

Wear and Resist was founded by Sarah Day in early 2017 as a way to channel her frustration and rage at the political climate into a creative pursuit that would raise money for women's charities. Her daughter, Eliza, is her inspiration, model and chain maker. Sarah designs and makes everything in her Oxfordshire studio, with a proportion of sales going to these charities.

Solar powered! 🌞

We are in the process of making our home and workshop self-sustaining. Wear and Resist is now running on solar power.