How it all started

Wear and Resist was started by me, Sarah Day, in early 2017.

Having grown up in both the US and UK, the political events of 2016 affected me strongly. I wanted to find a way to channel my frustration and rage into a creative endeavour that would raise money for charities working to promote women’s equality and protect women’s rights, which I saw being eroded by Trump’s policies and the growing right-wing movement in the UK.  

I have always had a love of eye-catching jewellery, but all of a sudden I felt the need to wear something around my neck that made a real statement; something that would speak to other women. Inspired by the jewellery worn by suffragists and suffragettes, I wanted to create pieces that would demonstrate an allegiance to this suddenly urgent feminist cause.

Women's March, London 2017

Eliza and I went on a very crowded bus to London. I had my first prototype Resist necklace in my pocket and was desperate to get them made. The march and Eliza's passion for the cause removed any doubts I had that I could 'do this thing'! 

The word Resist was soon joined by Nasty and then Persist

– in reference to the derogatory comments made about Elizabeth Warren – ‘Nevertheless she Persisted’ – that then became a feminist rallying cry.

Collaboration with Mary Beard

Women & Power

I created a range of jewellery to celebrate the publication of Mary Beard's important book.

The Irish Referendum

I made Repeal necklaces and raised money for ARC in the UK, and Feiminí was designed in collaboration with Irish Gaelic speakers reflecting this growing feminist movement in Ireland.

Difficult Woman

Collaborating with Helen Lewis

I went on to create Difficult Woman and Difficult necklaces to delebrate the publication of Helen's book in both hardback and paperback.

Sarah Day and her daughter, Eliza Day, standing in the Bluebells after a modelling session for the bluebell earrings.
How it's going

Wear and Resist is still just us

though the business has grown word by word and colour by glittery colour. Each item is designed, hand-made and sent out by me in my Oxfordshire studio. My daughter Eliza is my model and inspiration to keep going. She is also an expert chain maker! 

Sarah Day's writing studio designed by her husband Matt of Matthew Day Design.
when I'm not making jewellery ...

You'll find me

writing in my wonderful oak summerhouse built by my husband (any writers in search of a beautiful writing space get in touch!) My books have been longlisted for several major novel prizes. Having always had a deep interest in both writing and art, (I also has an MFA in painting and worked at Sotheby's auction house for many years) I have a passion for the aesthetic appeal of fonts, and the use of text in art. 

Be Brave by Tracey Emin

My ideal art collection ...

(which I am constantly perfecting in my mind) would consist entirely of text-based works and would definitely include the neon piece below by Tracy Emin

I didn't know how to run a jewellery business before I started. I just didn't give myself time to think and did what I loved doing. I simply followed my own creative urges. I think this might be the only path to take if you want to love your job as much as I do! 

Keep persisting, 


Solar powered! 🌞

Wear and Resist is now running on solar energy.