Sarah Day, the founder of Wear and Resist, sitting on the spiral stairs in her Oxfordshire studio.

Wear and Resist was started by me, Sarah Day, in early 2017.

Having grown up in both the US and UK, the political events of 2016 affected me strongly. I wanted to find a way to channel my frustration and rage into a creative endeavour that would raise money for charities working to promote women’s equality and protect women’s rights, which I saw being eroded by Trump’s policies and the growing right-wing movement in the UK.  

I have always had a love of eye-catching jewellery, but all of a sudden I felt the need to wear something around my neck that made a real statement; something that would speak to other women. Inspired by the jewellery worn by suffragists and suffragettes, I wanted to create pieces that would demonstrate an allegiance to this suddenly urgent feminist cause.

A selection of Wear and Resist necklaces featuring an iridescent Power necklace designed in collaboration with Mary Beard to celebrate her book Women and Power.
Power statement earrings designed by Sarah Day in collaboration with Mary Beard for her book Women & Power.
Helen Lewis wearing a Wear and Resist Repeal Necklace on the Andrew Marr Show
matte black Irish Gaelic feimini feminist necklace
Sarah Day and her daughter, Eliza Day, standing in the Bluebells after a modelling session for the bluebell earrings.
Sarah Day's writing studio designed by her husband Matt of Matthew Day Design.
Be Brave by Tracey Emin