On letting go

On letting go

Before my senior year of university, I spent a summer back home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, flipping burgers in a kitchen by day and waitressing at Applebees (think TJI Fridays) by night. One evening towards the end of the summer I went over to introduce myself to a couple who just been sat in my section. The woman, I realised when I got there, was crying uncontrollably. Her husband flashed me a panicked look of ‘please help,’ and as we were supposed to stay at the table for at least two minutes (or whatever the god-awful rule was), I asked her, gently, what was wrong.
August 31, 2023 — Sarah Day
Wear and Resist is now solar powered? Solar panels on the roof of Apsley Barn.

Solar-powered! 🌞 and a bit about our house journey

I'm so pleased to announce that Wear and Resist is now solar-powered!  Wear and Resist is now runing on solar energy. Matt (my husband) has fitted more than a few solar...
April 28, 2023 — Sarah Day
Sarah and Eliza Day at the 15th anniversary celebration of Women for Refugee Women

Love as a radical act? Thoughts on the refugee crisis

Yesterday morning I was driving through the rain listening to the presenters on the Today Programme on the BBC trying their best to wind us all up about refugees housed...
November 24, 2022 — Sarah Day
Sarah Day, Founder of Wear and Resist wears a Persist necklace.

On Keeping Going

I hate selling.

There I’ve said it. I spend a lot of time wondering how I got into the business of selling when it’s not something I’ve ever been good at. I had a summer job in London when I was 19 – cold-calling offices to sell them double-sided typewriter ribbons (yes I’m that old). I think I lasted three days.

It’s a hard time for selling right now. A lot of us aren’t quite sure how we are going to pay our bills this winter. I usually trust my gut to read the room when I’m coming up with new designs or trying to do a bit of ‘marketing’ (another term that gives me the cold shakes), but I haven’t bought myself anything very treaty or nice in ages. So it’s not easy trying to figure out what to say. I don’t want to use payment plans like Klarna because I don’t want you to buy my designs unless you can afford them and they will brighten up your life, or if you’re buying a gift - a friend’s life in some way.

September 02, 2022 — Sarah Day
On Being Brave, thoughts on life and mortality

On Being Brave, thoughts on life and mortality

I originally designed this bracelet for a beautiful young woman – using her mother's words from near the end of her life. Her father read from the notebook she had kept at her funeral. She’d been in pain and on a lot of drugs, so they were disparate thoughts, lists and memories, but interspersed throughout: the phrase 'be brave,' again and again, like a mantra to herself, and finally right near the end, 'be brave, it's supposed to be hard.' ...

An image of Jo running from Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Little Women.

On Running and Little Women

Nearly a year ago we went to see Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Little Women on Boxing Day. I was sceptical, sat in the plush seats of the Oxford Playhouse. I...
RESIST - What's in a word - Feb 28 2016

RESIST - What's in a word - Feb 28 2016

At a festival last summer, my daughter and I wandered into the Healing Field in search of cake – and after sharing an oversized brownie while watching a decidedly hung...
Sarah Day, the founder of Wear and Resist wears a Persist necklace

Nevertheless she persisted - June 25th 2018

I drove home early this morning from London where I had spent yesterday accompanying my mother to the hospital. She has only recently found out she has stage 4 lung...