Model wears a sparkly pink dress and a poison lies purple fuck these fucking fuckers necklace designed and handmade by Sarah Day for Wear and Resist. £2 from all sweary jewellery goes to support Bloody Good Period.

Swear and Resist

For when you have no nice words left

Swearing is caring

My Grandma always said, 'if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all.' But it's so much more fun and satisfying to swear, isn't it? Apparently it's a sign of higher intelligence, and anyway I can't stop now.

£2 from all sweary jewellery goes to Bloody Good Period

What they said
What they said
A truly relatable sentiment for all. Not a piece that I’ll be able to wear for work, but I absolutely adore this necklace and received so many compliments and comments about it.
— Jackie
What they said
Love this sh*t! Really well made and beautifully presented - and even better to know that some fantastic women's charities benefit from sales. I'll definitely be shopping here again; as a 50-odd year old committed feminist I love everything about Wear and Resist.
— Cath
What they said
This is f*cking awesome. Spectacular jewellery and matching customer service, helpful, responsive and creative. Fight the power!
— Mary
Sarah Day the founder of Wear and Resist.

About Sarah Day

Wear and Resist is a culmination of my love of text and art. As a writer with an MFA in painting, I have always loved making and writing. I have also always loved bold, colourful jewellery, precious but inexpensive. I design and make everything in my Oxfordshire studio. Oh yeah and did I mention I tend to swear a lot?

Solar powered! 🌞

We are in the process of making our home and workshop self-sustaining. Wear and Resist is now running on solar power.