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I find so much comfort in the phrase, 'this too shall pass.' In this collection I have imagined it on a raincloud and a series of floating clouds to remind us that everything changes, just like the weather. 

Nothing is permanent, especially our own thoughts. For better or worse, we are always in a state of flux, and everything is temporary, no matter how it feels at the time. 

£2 goes to Woman's Trust


What they said
What they said
Love it! There is absolutely nothing not to love about this gorgeous little necklace! The beautiful floating cloud, the stunning, iridescent rain drops, a flash of lightning , all topped off with my favourite saying, ‘this too shall pass’ AND it glows in the dark, perfection!! Carry your mantra everywhere you go and look gorgeous at the same time. Thank you Sarah, as always from the bottom of my heart xx
— Beth
What they said
Best earrings ever! Just the most gorgeous earrings, I LOVE them. Great customer service as well when I had questions. Am slowly working my way towards a pair in every colour! 🥰✨❤️
— Rowan
What they said
Whenever and wherever I wear my Lightning Bolt earrings, I feel more powerful, more colourful and more me.
— Emma
What they said
How could I resist?! Bolts stars hearts, empowering slogans, swear words and pure rebellion. I love this jewellery. And it's shiny!
— Michelle
How it all started

About Wear and Resist

Wear and Resist was launched by me, Sarah Day, in early 2017 as a way to channel my frustration at the political climate into a creative pursuit that would raise money for women's charities.

Solar Powered

Wear and Resist is now running on solar energy