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Overturning Roe v Wade is shocking news, and even in countries where abortion is legal, women are still facing stigma and often having to travel long distances in order to secure safe abortions. It's not good enough in 2022. 

This Pro-choice range of jewellery expresses solidarity with women struggling all over the world for basic rights to decide what happens to our own bodies. 

Trust women. It's that simple. Our bodies, our choice. 

These brooches are cut from 3mm glitter attached to a backing layer of 3mm matte black. The 'pro' letters are cut from 3mm mirror acrylic. They measure 7.5cm. (just under 3in.) long and fasten with a metal clasp. 

£2 goes to Alliance for Choice who work to ensure free safe legal abortion for anyone who needs it in Ireland North & South.


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Wendy H

Love it

I Stand With Ukraine pin designed by Sarah Day for Wear and Resist to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 

I Stand With Ukraine pin

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