Collection: CHOPSY necklace and brooch

Calling all chopsy Welsh feminists! Keep speaking up, keep making changes! Own your chopsy nature with a necklace or brooch.  

"Welsh informal - Inclined to talk a lot, especially in a rude, insolent, or belligerent way; loud-mouthed."

When a customer suggest I make a Chopsy necklace for Welsh Women's Aid in honour of Siân James referring to herself as a Chopsy Woman at their 40th anniversay, I jumped on the chance! I've been looking for a Welsh feminist word, (ffeministaidd is too long to work on a necklace unfortunately) and WWA are an incredible charity. 

And although these necklaces are fun and in good humour, the work that WWA are doing in Wales was highlighted when I googled 'chopsy' and found an article from February 2021 about a man who 'beat up wife because she was chopsy.' Women are still being hit for speaking their minds, so let's celebrate our right to disagree, argue, debate and express ourselves, and keep fighting so that all women can enjoy this level of freedom. 

I was interviewed by Sophie Weeks about this jewellery journey with WWA, in her excellent article, Chopsy Women Change Lives in Wales Art Review. 

£2 from every Chopsy item goes to Welsh Women’s Aid – a feminist charity challenging violence against women and misogyny across Wales.