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MY BODY MY CHOICE heart earrings

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My body, my choice. It's that simple folks. Wear these heart drop earrings and show the love for yourself and for your fellow women being forced to fight for control over their own bodies. 

Each heart is cut from transparent hot pink acrylic, and the words are etched and then hand painted with white paint. 

The hearts are cut from 3mm. acrylic and have stainless steel posts. the drop length is 7.5cm. (31/4in.)  If you are allergic to metal and would like plastic backs please add them to your order here and leave a few extra days for making. 

£2 goes to Alliance for Choice who campaign for free safe legal abortion in Ireland North & South.

Customer Reviews

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Mrs Emily Harrin
Perfect earrings to express myself!

I've been incensed by the recent developments in the USA and these earrings perfectly express my feelings. I am also pregnant and finding that everyone has an opinion on my decisions regarding my body and my baby. These earrings also express my feelings about that!

I am lucky to live in a country…

I am lucky to live in a country where abortion and contraception is seen as a human right, however, there are still those in the world (and in the UK) that feel women shouldn’t have autonomy over what happens with their own body. I am of the age where I have to fight for HRT (if I want or need it).

So, at my Gynaecology appointment today it, It needed to be said in one way or another… my body, my choice. Not sure if my (male) doctor was impressed or not.

One day, we won’t have to say it all… it’s a dream.

I Stand With Ukraine pin designed by Sarah Day for Wear and Resist to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 

I Stand With Ukraine pin

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