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FRAGILE Handle With Care brooch

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Anyone else need a FRAGILE brooch at the moment? I know I do.

After my Mum died I wished there was some sort of international symbol of mourning that I could wear; those dusty Victorian black habits suddenly made sense to me. I wanted people to give me a wide berth, and for God's sake, not ask me to smile. 

So here is a brooch for our Collective Grief as we all wander out into the sunlight, shell-shocked from two years of Covid but not as shell-shocked as those we are haunted by on the news. Let's all be careful with each other and mindful that we might be needing a little more space. 

The words are etched on 5mm. thick fluorescent hot pink acrylic. Each brooch has been carefully hand-painted, which gives them a hand-made feel. They fix with a metal clasp. 

£2 goes to Women for Refugee Women who support women seeking asylum in this country and challenge the injustices they experience. For years they have been advocating for a fair asylum process and working towards a world in which all women who cross borders have the right to safety, liberty and dignity.

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Karen Douglas
Fragile handle with care brooch

Beautiful, like a little pink vicious candy. Much admired already. Thank you Sarah at Wear and Resist. I'll be back! Karen x

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