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SURVIVOR necklace
Lucy Troughton

Blue 🔵 glitter 🪩 is just gorgeous 😍
I've had so many lovely comments and it's been a great conversation starter to promote Sarah's fabulous business and gift and also the great charities supported.
As I survivor myself , I feel beautiful and empowered whilst wearing it🥰🙏🥰🙏

Bluebell earrings
Lucy Troughton
Fresh and fun

The joy of spring for your ears!!😍😍😍😍

A really special necklace

I absolutely love this necklace. Sarah went over and above to add the words that were special to me. I’ve worn it as a bracelet all week. Just lovely. Thank you 😊

Glittery and light

I got the silver ones but would like a pair in every colour!

Heart hoop earrings
sally robinson
Beautiful iridescent hearts

I love these so much - they were a last minute add on to my order and I think they’re now my favourites! Beautiful

My new mantra

As the parent of a small child this message really spoke to me and the design is just the cutest so it's been on my wishlist for a while. As always the delivery was speedy and it arrived with the usual handwritten note which just makes it even more special. Thank you for another new favourite necklace.

MAY I BE SAFE necklace
Anna Frizzell
Always fabby!

I have ordered this necklace for a few of my friends and my Mum and they all love it. This one was meant to be for me, but a friend is having a challenging time and needs it more, so I'll have to order another one!

It's all about Bowie, baby! :) Love these necklaces. Quality and always a talking point.

Gorgeous ⚡️

Beautiful necklace, gorgeous scale, brilliant colour... completely gorgeous necklace. I have 2 colours... and will definitely be getting more!

Effin beautiful

I have these beauties in white, there wasn't an option for white, but the fantastic Sarah saw to it that I got what I wanted and I had them in my ears 48 hours later. They are fantastic and I have sooo many compliments. Thanks so much Sarah, you're the best. I'll definitely be ordering again from you sooon xxx

F**k this S**t necklace

I bought this for my daughter’s 18th birthday and she loves it! So cool and quirky and extremely well made! Thank you so much! Words we could all live by!

Best earrings ever!

Just the most gorgeous earrings, I LOVE them. Great customer service as well when I had questions. Am slowly working my way towards a pair in every colour! 🥰✨❤️

Lightning bolt necklaces

I just love these new lightning bolt necklaces! So pretty I bought 2 different colours meaning to give one as a gift to a Bowlie living friend but can't bear to part with either. Consequently, will be back soon for more!

Lightning Bolt necklaces
How could I resist?!

Bolts stars hearts, empowering slogans, swear words and pure rebellion. I love this jewellery. And it's shiny!

I Love. I Love. I Love.

Beautifully finished and so light on the earlobes. They give me such confidence I'd love to wear them every day.

Love it!

There is absolutely nothing not to love about this gorgeous little necklace! The beautiful floating cloud, the stunning, iridescent rain drops, a flash of lightning , all topped off with my favourite saying, ‘this too shall pass’ AND it glows in the dark, perfection!! Carry your mantra everywhere you go and look gorgeous at the same time.
Thank you Sarah, as always from the bottom of my heart xx

Bought for a friend’s birthday which is a couple of months off but had to get it, I know she’ll love it! Will def be buying more statement pieces for other strong and confident women I know!

Really pretty!!

Got these to wear with a larger pair of star earrings I have for playing in a samba band!! Great colour and reflect the light so well. Perfect! Love them!

This one was for me. I gave one to a friend and it was a very successful gift. She loves it!

I absolutely love these necklaces. Great quality and I love the designs.

POWER necklace
Nicola Ashbrook
So sparkly!

Love it. It’s more sparkly than I thought and being gold, goes with so many things. Great quality!

LIVID necklace
Nicola Ashbrook
Love it

Love the colour of my yellow livid necklace. It’s a great clash with so many things and obviously the message resonates for a modern forty-something woman!


Perfect for those moments when you need to channel a your inner sailorette - or a bit of extra-courage. Chunky necklaces that weighs practically nothing and goes together great with the earrings.

Love everything...

...about these earrings! Perfect size, super-lightweight and they go together great with the courage necklace.

SPLENDID necklace
Jackie Stevens
Just Splendid!

As with every other piece from Sarah, this necklace gets complimented every time I wear it. The pink colour just pops and looks great dressed up or down.