Greeting cards

They are here!

Cards to accompany your gifts, with all the messages you might need. Or a good start, at any rate. And one to send yourself ... can you guess which one?

How it all started

About Wear and Resist

Wear and Resist was launched by me, Sarah Day, in early 2017 as a way to channel my frustration at the political climate into a creative pursuit that would raise money for women's charities. My daughter Eliza is my inspiration and model.

Solar powered☀️⚡️

Wear and Resist is now powered by solar energy

We are in the process of making our home and workshop self-sustaining.

What they said
What they said
Total Witchfest Love LOVE this necklace! I keep getting asked about it and am proud to wear it. Thank you!
— Emma
What they said
Beautiful Bronte bracelet This is a wonderful piece!! Inspired by Emily Bronte poem and lovingly crafted!! Glow in the dark too! Perfect 🤩
— Jeanette
What they said
LoveLoveLove Perfect for those moments when you need to channel a your inner sailorette - or a bit of extra-courage. Chunky necklaces that weighs practically nothing and goes together great with the earrings.
— Cat
What they said
Precious jewel This is amazing, more beautiful than I thought it would be. Fragile but courageous wee piece that makes me feel brave and grounded whenever I wear it, which is whenever awake! Thank you.
— Karen
What they said
Would highly recommend this company. In every aspect in which you can think of, a great level of thought and care goes into its products and services
— Claire