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A nostalgic nod to Belle Époque glamour – these jewels will make you feel like you've travelled back in time to sip absinthe at the Moulin Rouge. Also swearing in French. 

These designs were inspired by our recent two-night trip to Paris. I lived there for a year when I was 21 and Eliza and I had a wonderful time walking everywhere and having a drink or two in some of favourite old haunts, which were amazingly still there. 

£2 goes to Women for Refugee Women.

What they said
What they said
How could I resist?! Bolts, stars, hearts, empowering slogans, swear words and pure rebellion. I love this jewellery. And it's shiny!
— Michelle
What they said
Bloody love them! They could not be more perfect, thank you!
— Sally
What they said
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What they said
Kachow! They're the sexiest earings I've ever worn, they'll make you feel like THUNDER!, trust me. No one really compliments me about the earrings I wear, until I walk in the room with these babies.
— Hogarth
Sarah Day the founder of Wear and Resist.

About Sarah Day

Wear and Resist is a culmination of my love of text and art. As a writer with an MFA in painting, I have always loved making and writing. I have also always loved bold, colourful jewellery, precious but inexpensive. I design and make everything in my Oxfordshire studio.

Solar powered! 🌞

We are in the process of making our home and workshop self-sustaining. Wear and Resist is now running on solar power.