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Design Your Own Name Necklace

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Design your own name necklace! Any word you like on a necklace, as long as it's not too long! 

These necklaces work with single words only and they cannot be any longer than 10 letters. If you would like a phrase or several words please have a look at the Whispering Scroll option. 

All chains are adjustable to three lengths, and there is a choice of four colours. 

Please be aware that bespoke items take a little longer - allow 1-2 weeks from ordering to delivery. Or contact me if you need it sooner. 

Customer Reviews

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Ooh ooh ooh!

I couldn’t love this more. A gift to me from me and it’s spectacular, better than I could have ever imagined, thank you Sarah for your design skills and for making this world more equitable 🚀💕✊M x