Thanks so much for your interest in Wear and Resist.


This would be a part-time position – involving a paid initial assessment/meet up then probably only a few hours per month to begin with but with room to grow.


I am looking for some help in the next stages moving forward and expanding the business. At the moment Wear and Resist is just me, with my daughter Eliza modelling. I design and make all the jewellery myself in Oxfordshire and make most of my sales through my website and Etsy shop.


Initially I would be looking for advice – and I think the best way would be to pay a flat fee for a written assessment and to meet up (hopefully in person) and establish a plan going forward for the year for how to:


  1. Increase social media presence. How to use Facebook and Instagram ads. Email ads etc. I am pretty near to clueless about all of this. I can’t get to grips with Pinterest at all.
  2. Get in the press, fashion features, weekend supplements or even influential shops.
  3. Make more of the fact that I support so many charities, and get them to do more to help me. I don’t really have time for this and find it really difficult pushing them to promote Wear and Resist, even though I am giving them £2 per item!
  4. Etsy – this is a huge side of the business that I am doing alright in, but could be doing so much more.


We would then agree a fee per project or perhaps per hour – we can discuss this. If we found out we worked well together I would  then be open to negotiating a percentage of sales based on increases from the same time last year.


For the right person (people) this could be an exciting opportunity. If we work very well together we may end up partnering in some way to grow the business. I realise my strengths are much more in the creative side of the business.


I’m looking for people who are passionate about the jewellery – and the causes/charities that I support.  


If you are interested please could you write to me at – wearandresist@gmail.com (it doesn’t have to be anything very formal) send your CV if you like, and other projects you have worked on, relevant experience, but mainly I want to know how you think you could help Wear and Resist reach a wider audience and expand.

In your email please list THREE THINGS you think I’m doing wrong – whether on Insta, Twitter, website, or anything at all. Don’t worry about causing offence, I want to hear it – and how you think I could improve in these areas. It may well be that I need both a PR person and a separate social media person, so please do just tell me what your own expertise are, and what you feel strongly about changing/helping for me. I  am looking for someone pro-active with vision and energy! Also please let me know your rates for an initial assessment /meeting either in person or on the phone - and either day/hourly or project rates for carrying out the work you think needs to be done. If you are based nearby that would be a huge added bonus.


Thanks again and hope to hear from you!