Group shot showing the three different sizes of High Voltage earrings in Wear and Resist gift boxes.

New High Voltage earrings

In a selection of neon and fluoro colours. These look spectacular on, and are almost weightless to wear.

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New Festive Drop colours!

All gold festive drop earrings shown hanging in front of white background.
All silver festive drop statement earrings shown with a Wear and Resist gift box.

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The latest designs

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Flowers, leaves and acorns!

Taking solace in nature

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Earrings for going OUT out

Adorn yourself!

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Iridescent word hoops

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All Lightning Bolts. Three Sizes, loads of colours!

Decorative designs

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NEW! Fluoro colours. High voltage feminism!

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Hold Fast

Earrings from The Courage Collection

Statement hoops

These tricolour statement hoop earrings look great from the front and the side

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All Hail Lady Hale!

Spiders are never going out of feminist fashion

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Feeling the love (and expressing the rage)