Sarah Day making jewellery in studio for Wear and Resist    Sarah Day founder of Wear and Resist

Wear and Resist was started by me, Sarah Day, in early 2017. Having grown up in both the US and UK, the political events of 2016 affected me strongly. I wanted to find a way to channel my frustration and rage into a creative endeavour that would raise money for charities working to promote women’s equality and protect women’s rights, which I saw being eroded by Trump’s policies and the growing right-wing movement in the UK.  

I have always had a love of eye-catching jewellery, but all of a sudden I felt the need to wear something around my neck that made a real statement; something that would speak to other women. Inspired by the jewellery worn by suffragists and suffragettes, I wanted to create pieces that would demonstrate an allegiance to this suddenly urgent feminist cause.

The word Resist was soon joined by Nasty and then Persist – in reference to the derogatory comments made about Elizabeth Warren – ‘Nevertheless she Persisted’ – that then became a feminist rallying cry. I made Repeal necklaces and raised money for ARC in the lead up to the Irish Referendum on Abortion, and Feiminí was designed in collaboration with Irish Gaelic speakers reflecting this growing feminist movement in Ireland.  

Wear and Resist has grown word by word and colour by glittery colour. Each item is designed by and hand-made by me in my Oxfordshire studio. My daughter Eliza is my model. (You might have met her at the briliant Primadonna Festival in 2019!)

Eliza Day Wear and Resist model at the Primadonna Festival in 2019   

At the moment Wear and Resist supports nine charities that support women, with £2 from each necklace and brooch. Wear and Resist has a growing following on social media and the Persisterhood gallery is a brilliant reflection of the amazing women that wear my jewellery. 

Recent collaborations have included a Power necklace with Mary Beard to celebrate her book, Women & Power,

Group shot of power necklaces with Mary Beard's Women and Power paperback Mary Beard wearing Power necklace

and a Difficult Woman necklace for Helen Lewis.

Difficult Woman necklace by Wear and Resist in collaboration with Helen Lewis to celebrate the launch of her book Difficult Woman

Helen wore a Repeal necklace on the Andrew Marr show before the referendum and caused a huge spike in sales and raised a lot of money for ARC.  A Repealed the 8th is now available!

Helen Lewis on the Andrew Marr show wearing a Wear and Resist Repeal necklace    Repealed the 8th Wear and Resist necklace in indigo frost

After Lady Hale delivered the UK’s Supreme Court ruling, I designed a Lady Hale spider brooch, which was a hugely popular Christmas gift, raising money for Microloan Foundation.

Lady Hale  Sarah Day wearing Wear and Resist Lady Hale spider brooch Group shot of wear and resist Lady Hale spider brooches

When I'm not making necklaces you’ll find me writing. My books have been long-listed for several major novel prizes. Having always had a deep interest in both writing and art, (I also has an MFA in painting) I have a passion for the aesthetic appeal of fonts, and the use of text in art.

My ideal art collection (which I am constantly perfecting in my mind) would consist entirely of text-based works and would definitely include this neon piece by Tracy Emin

Tracy Emin's BE BRAVE neon painting

I didn't know how to run a jewellery business before I started. I just didn't give myself time to think and did what I loved doing – followed my own creative urges. I think this might be the only path to get to do what you love doing as a job.

Keep persisting,