Collection: JOY IS COMING

This necklace came about when a lovely customer sent me this poem by Kim Addonizio and asked if I could make a Joy is Coming necklace so she could give it to her friend. The poem has meant a lot to both of them, and it's a kind of mantra they say to each other 'listen I love you, joy is coming'.

I hadn't seen the poem before (although I should have, it's been a sensation since she wrote it in 2016). I read it and sat crying at my kitchen table, it threw me for a couple days.


I think these words resonate so much with recent weeks and the feeling that perhaps in all this awfulness a change is coming. I know some of you have been wanting rainbows so this comes in two different colourways - rainbow and sunshower (because it reminds me of the sun shining through the clouds just after the rain has stopped)

And like This too shall pass, the words glow in the dark to be with you in the dark times. 

It comes as both a necklace or brooch with the words 'listen I love you' either on the brooch fastener or dangling from the clasp of the necklace. 

The cloud measures 5 by 2.5cm. (2 by 1 in.) and each part is cut from 3 mm. acrylic. 

£2 from every JOY IS COMING item will go to Woman’s Trust. Domestic abuse has increased during the Coronavirus pandemic. Woman's Trust, who provide a safe, non-judgemental environment and specialist counselling for women to address the complex psychological impact of different types of domestic abuse.